One Nation Under God

People come to this country because they want to become part of the American way of life, and to take advantage of opportunities that are available to them. It is because of these people that America is the melting pot of so many cultures, and part of what makes us a unique nation.

Nevertheless, it seems some people move to the United States and then feel offended by the very phrase that makes America good. The phrase which Americans treasure is “In God We Trust”, another phrase is “One Nation Under God”. It makes us wonder why people move here if they do not want to support the God that most Americans stand behind.  

The scriptures tell us that those who believe in God will be blessed. This is why Americans feel they are a blessed nation. Now there is an active movement (and unfortunately, gaining momentum) to remove mentioning God from the foundation upon which this country was founded, the fabric that envelops most Americans values, and the enlightenment from which formed the Constitution.

It is said by many that people who do not support democracy as founded, need to find somewhere else to live. It is true that people who do not like some things about our country should go through the proper channels and try to change things. That is the right way to seek change. The wrong way is to try to force people to accept a point of view that goes against their moral fiber and beliefs.

However, foreigners are not the force behind removing God from court houses and our money. This drive is coming from the UNGODLY known as Ungodly Americans. They believe that God is a “fantasy” and “stupid” beliefs and traditions (that is their words, not mine).

Most Americans support going through the normal process to facilitate change, but they do not support removing God from the foundation upon which this country was formed. God is the main reason our “Founding Fathers” came to this land, and so removing the mentioning of God from symbols of this country is another thing all together. It is this movement that does not have the support of most Americans.

Please take our poll and tell us how you view this situation.


  1. As a proud Atheist I strongly disagree with your language. The truth is that America was founded by people who were escaping religious persecution–not
    by people who wanted to create a more Christian nation. In god we trust–and all the other religious stuff that dominates our public square–needs to be
    made more private so that American can better live up to its real defining message–home of the free. Just as you would not like living in a nation that
    forced its Atheist values down your throat, I am tired of people like me being forced to put up with your views of what America is and should be. So,
    I suggest that you stop persecuting Atheists simply because we have a different view of what America should be. At the end of the day, we are all Americans.

  2. Thank you, I appreciate your comment very much. And you know what, I agree with some of what you said. For example, you said “so that American can better live up to its real defining message–home of the free.” I am sorry for upsetting you, that was not my intent. I don’t understand why Atheists want to remove what has been part of history for centuries though. I also don’t understand why you are offended by God being mentioned in a nation where over 86% believe in God.

    However, I think I understand what you mean about God being stuffed down your throat. There are some Christians who are pious and think everyone should believe as they do. They are what I call fanatics. I get very irritated with them when they start spouting off things like you are referring to. Can we find a happy medium, where those who believe in God as did the founding fathers (who made it clear they supported God in their writings and believed that He influenced the writing of the Constitution)? Is it possible to agree to disagree?

  3. There is clear evidence that many of the founders practiced Christianity in their personal lives. But while they let this influence the formation of the nation, they did establish rights for every citizen to freedom of faith. I would never say they wanted to mandate Christianity as a condition of citizenship, but it is undeniable that they were committed to seeking God in forming our government.

    And Jonathan, just so you know, any Christian who judges you for your beliefs is not following Christian principles. In the true faith, there is no room for judgment.

  4. Also, we recently launched an organization informing anyone interested in the heritage of our nation. Check us out at

  5. Good for you. I am pleased to see you doing this sort of thing. People like you and me need to speak up and let our voices stand for the good. Thanks.

  6. Superb answer. I really appreciate your comment and the points you’ve made. Thanks. You keep sending in comments okay?

  7. Thanks Judith!

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