TEA Party Express

Help America develop more Informed citizens about politics, taxation, and government; and all of the other garbage that Congress and the President are trying to cram down The People’s throats!

The best weapon to fight government corruption and abuse of power is for its people to become very involved in policy making decisions that come out of Washington.

Therefore, the American People need to have a good understanding of how government functions and be informed about things that affect the Constitution and Americans Way of Life.

You may choose more than one answer or add your own.  Thank you for answering my poll. It gives me an idea of what you are thinking.


  1. Kathy Boyles commented on your link:

    “As always, the love of money is the root of all evil. Everyone knew this day would come when so many companies moved the jobs overseas to get cheap labor. When people have no work, they rely on unemployment and/or welfare. The crime rate goes up because more people are desperate. We buy goods imported from China because they are cheaper and available. Our Social Security has been jeapardized by trying to cover those who have not paid into it who should not qualify to receive it and anything else the government decides to spend it on beside what was intended to start with. We buy oil from the Middle East countries instead of tapping on our own resources. We are not deporting illegal aliens, but supporting them instead. It is just one stupid thing after the other. “

  2. One of the biggest problems in our society is that we are not accountable for our actions and not dealing with sin. God has given us coverage and has blessed our nation because we are His chosen people, living in the ” Promised Land”. We live in the land of “Milk and Honey”, unfortunately our religious freedoms have been compromised and special interest groups and secular progressives have cauaed us to concerned about our future as a nation. Of course it is my opinion and others may disagree with me.
    When we have unresolved sin we become blinded and satan has his way with us through our own blindness to rightful living. We become bogged down as well as complacent. Our country is full of complacent people that are suffering generational dysfunction and have not been taught the repentance process. The tools needed to overcome generational dyfunction are not present in today’s society and we are left to our own demise.
    To some degree we cannot blame our elected officials as much as we could see the three fingers pointing back at us while we point the finger of blame.

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