New Axis of Evil Video

Did you hear about the New Axis of Evil Video of Glenn Beck’s interview with Michelle Bauchmann? It is very interesting. It shows how much she knows about world problems. I hope you will watch the video and pass on this information if you haven’t seen it elsewhere.

Glenn Beck Interviews Michelle Bauchmann about events going on in Europe and the affairs of America.

Pay close attention to what Michelle tells Beck about the Federal Reserves and the alignment with Russia, Iran, China, and Syria. Also pay close attention to what she says about preparing our households for very hard times.

If you have been reading my blogs for the past year you know that I have been very concerned about the Bilderberg Plans to take down America as well as the groups influence on key players in our finances. Now we are on the verge of America and Europe’s collapse, just as it has been planned. What more proof do you need that what I’ve been saying for over a year, almost two years in fact, is coming to pass? What more proof do you need to store food and water?

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Why China’s Interest In My Blogs?

 Why is China paying so close attention to this blog. Notice below the report that comes from for about sixteen domains. I have used Godaddy for years because of their great products and customer service.  None of the reports I get from them have been  worrisome until recently. Why would a foreign government be this interested in my blogs? Why are so many people in China reading  my posts?

[Keep in mind that this report does not cover 24 domains at This is my re-seller account for Godaddy so, before you sign up with them for domains, please check out my site . You get the same great deals, the same products, and the same great 24/7 professional customer service but I get a little bit from it. ]

Does it seem odd to you that China would be so interested in my postings? Why? I am clueless as to what they get from these reports, unless my blogs give them a good look at what everyday people like me think about politics and the President. I find that hard to believe, but they must benefit in some way or they would not be so active in visiting.

The reason for posting a small portion of this report is to show you that China is out-of-balance when compared to other nations, particularly the United States.  What can they learn from my posts, I am just a little blogger with a big mouth.

Also, I noticed that 45 viewers come from Washington D.C. alone. I guess I’ve also caught the attention of some politicians as well. I wonder if it was China or Washington D.C. that hacked this site 5 times and tried to keep me from posting or making any changes. They changed my password, which should have been safe, and then the scripting! I found a wordpress plug-in I had added that left a window for hackers to get in so I deleted it and had no more hacking…for now anyway.

Yes, this report has been cut down because you don’t need to see everything to recognize that China sticks out like a sore thumb. No, China moving up closer to the top in views is not a new situation but lately, China moved to the top and above the United States. It begs the questions “WHY” and “WHAT REPORTS” interest them so much to warrant these numbers?

9/11 Was Too An Act of War on America

Even if President Obama is acting like 9/11 did not just happen to us and that he wants to make remembrance of the anniversary of that day more general in order to address the other nations that lost people on that day as well, we must never forget that it did happen to us and on U.S. soil. . . 3,000 souls were lost that day.

Even Fox News forgot in their discussion the other day that it wasn’t just the Twin Towers that terrorists hit, making it an International event, but that our own Pentagon was also hit–obviously an act of WAR. I guess they also forgot that the Plane downed in Pennsylvania was by passengers fighting the terrorists to prevent the Capital Building and/or the White House from being hit as well. These two flights alone prove that this was not just an Intentional attack but one that was intentionally on America, no matter what the “Left” and the President Obama have to say.

Please remind people that America was the FIRST to be attacked on 9/11, that no one else had been attacked at that time and not for a long while afterwards. Remind them that America was the target and that the attack was a declaration of war. Even if it was not declared by those exact words, their intentions were clear that they wanted to make war with America.

No matter what indoctrination our college students and teenagers in high school get from the anti-American gibberish they are forced to hear by Liberals, it is up to us to remind them of the facts about 9/11 when they try to defend the “Left” point of view.

May we never forget about what happened on 9/11 and the brave souls who died that day as well as those who have died since fighting to defend us against radical Islam terrorism. The sleeping giant was awaken that day on 9/11 and the blinders came off our eyes by the reality that we are not as safe as we thought in America and that there are nasty and violent people in the world who will go to great lengths to harm us.

We cannot afford to let down our guard again and pretend that we are safe now, that there are radical Muslims who want to hurt us, and that many of them are good and don’t want to harm us. Supposedly,according to the President, most of them are loyal citizens of the U.S and should be treated as such.

We CANNOT return the hatred of radicals by becoming like them and treat perfectly law-abiding Muslim citizens as the enemy. We must remember that they too are Americans and only be suspicious of those who give us reason to be, which means report suspicious activity to authorities only when it does not endanger your family.

Democrats Tilting Elections To Win

Democrats are telling people in a commercial to vote for the Independents and make it appear as if it is coming from the TEA Party as a way to split the votes and give a vote to the Democrats.

The ad is paid for by the Democrats but don’t identify themselves as Democrats. They are being sneaking as can be. It is WIN AT ALL COST ATTITUDE!

Pass out the word and warn people you know that Democrats are running Dirty Politics. The American People has had it with this type of dirty tricks, they are sick of it.

It is true that both parties have done this, but the truth is that Democrats are the most egregious in doing this stuff.

This election is about cleaning house in Congress, and that includes the dirty players in Congress who try to tilt the elections in their favor.

Tell your friends about this and warn them to be sure about who is on their ballot as a TEA Party member. They are also putting people on the ballot that will have no hope of winning in order to stake away votes from TEA Party Republicans.people ballot hope winning order stake votes tea party republicans

You Need to Know

I hope you will read these super good reports, especially the first one, and the comments after the report. I further hope you will subscribe to GOPUSA.COM so you can get updates about what is going on in this country.

I want you to read the first story about Muslim Shariah Law becoming part of American policy in many institutions. The fact that Muslim compliance is becoming more and more part of our society and Christian values are being challenged makes me want to scream. I hope you will contact your Representatives and tell then how you feel about this situation.

++ View Midday Report as a web page

Commentary: Kagan Promoted Shariah

Having worked with Elena Kagan at the Clinton White House, Dick was inclined to see her as a political moderate, worthy of support as the best one could expect from the Obama White House. But no more. Thanks to the work of the Center for Security Policy Director Frank Gaffney and the writing of Andrew McCarthy of the National Review Institute, there has emerged a compelling reason to vote against Kagan’s confirmation as a Supreme Court justice: her support for Shariah law while she was dean of Harvard Law School.

Read more at GOPUSA…

News: Bachmann – Tea Party Caucus not movement mouthpiece

WASHINGTON (AP) — The head of the brand new Tea Party Caucus in Congress said Wednesday the organization won’t be a mouthpiece for the movement but will serve as a listening board for average Americans. The just-formed caucus had a coming out party of sorts as its chairwoman, Rep. Michele Bachmann, R-Minn., some six lawmakers and a handful of self-professed Tea Party members answered reporters’ question after the group’s first meeting.

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Fresh Ink: Hasselbeck takes it to Behar over ‘prostitute’ comments

This controversy originated with comments from Kathy Griffin where she called Scott Brown’s beautiful daughters prostitutes. Elizabeth really took it to her and even Whoopi joined in on Elizabeth’s side, at least for a little while.

Read more at GOPUSA…

News: Jesse Jackson wants apology for Sherrod’s ouster

WASHINGTON (AP) — The Rev. Jesse Jackson is calling for an apology from the Obama administration for ousting an Agriculture Department employee now at the center of a racially tinged firestorm.

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Fresh Ink: GOP Sen. Sessions takes on Kagan, judicial activism

Before casting his no vote at the Kagan judicial hearing yesterday, Sen. Sessions spells out what’s wrong with putting a judicial activist on the Supreme Court. Sen. Schumer (D-NY) interrupts but Sessions goes on to explain what judicial activism is and how it is the greatest threat to our judicial system.

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Racial firestorm surrounds USDA employee’s ouster

WASHINGTON (AP) — The Obama administration faced a blast of criticism on Wednesday over its ouster of a black Agriculture Department employee for her remarks about race. The woman says she’s not sure she would go back to her job now, even if asked.

Read more at GOPUSA…

Treasurer says RNC in debt

WASHINGTON (AP) — The Republican National Committee’s treasurer says the GOP has millions in debt that wasn’t disclosed and he is telling budget committee members that he was misled.

Read more at GOPUSA…

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Urgent: Stop Monsanto

Urgent: Stop Monsanto.

Please use this link to learn about news from Monsanto is forcing seeds laced with pesticides onto farming who have said they don’t want the seeds. It’s been to court and now it’s in front of Congress to vote on whether Monsanto can sell these seeds.

If Monsanto gets away with this, we will have pesticides in our milk, meats, and grains. This is NOT good for us or our children. Please call your Congressional Representative and tell them to stop Monsanto from forcing farmers to use this contaminated seeds.

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