Obama and The Constitution

Sorry that I took so long to publish this post. I guess I got side-tracked but I am publishing it now because the information is important for you to know.  It was originally dated on May 30, 2012.

Before you vote this November in the 2012 election, please consider the points discussed in the article posted by Jared Law and the Daily  Caller.

Where Are The Angry Elephants?
By Jared Law | Wednesday, May 30, 2012


JARED LAW FROM THE 912 PROJECT:  Republicans should be full of righteous indignation and lining up to take down Obama for his most recent insult of the American people. Why haven’t Republicans had enough?  Why aren’t they beginning impeachment proceedings?  Many Americans are asking these questions and so far, have not received acceptable answers!!

Is it a political calculation? Do they presume we’ll win in November, and that impeaching Obama will just give the radical left something about which to feel a false sense of righteous indignation, thus stirring them up, motivating them to beat us in November? Or are there simply too many ‘Progressive’ Republican cowards, including many the Tea Party movement elected in 2010?

Tens of millions of Americans watched as Barack Hussein Obama was sworn into office at the U.S. Capitol on January 20, 2009, with his left hand on the Bible and his right hand held aloft. Obama swore to God and Country that he would ‘preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States.’ Since he messed up the oath, it was re-administered in private, without a Holy Bible, inside the White House, later that day.


Yet despite that sacred oath, Barack Hussein Obama has, time and time again, chosen to directly, flagrantly violate the principles of the founding document he swore to uphold, as well as the letter of the highest law of the land itself, turning America’s ship of state away from mere ‘Progressivism,’ all the way to a course that leads to a Marxist dictatorship, crushing American liberty, right and left, in a display of oath-breaking, and of anti-Americanism, never before seen in the White House, not even during the Carter or the Clinton administrations. Not even FDR & Woodrow Wilson, those demons of America’s past, have damaged America like Barack Hussein has.

The course Obama has set America on is a previously uncharted path of unconstitutionality that has already ‘fundamentally changed the United States of America,’ from an ailing Constitutional Republic that had been deeply damaged by ‘Progressives’ over the past century, to a nearly-unrecognizable Marxist oligarchy. Here are some of the ten most prominent of Obama’s gross violations of the Constitution, as compiled by the Daily Caller back in December of 2011:  <<read more>>


One of the biggest political changes that 2011 brought — in large part due to the tea parties and their effect on the 2010 election — is the centrality of the Constitution to our public discourse. Lawmakers and citizens no longer consider simply whether a given bill or policy proposal is a good idea but whether it is constitutional. “Where does the government get the power to do that?” is often critics’ rallying cry. 

Use this link to Read 8 reasons why “The Obama administration and its allies in Congress have perpetrated more than their share of such mob-like actions.  While it’s hard to narrow them down, here’s my stab at the government’s top 10 constitutional violations since President Obama took office.”


How Do You Feel About Our President Now?

Although the circumstances in the video below are old news, actions taken by our own President to control energy production proves that he is not really interested in the welfare of the American people. What he really cares about is the progressive agenda of globalization and One World Government.

The video proves that Obama is not interested in protecting clean air from coal and oil, but in redistribution of who produces the energy and who we are forced to buy it from.

You’ve got to admit that all this sounds very familiar, especially when you consider the amount of waivers from Obama Health Care that have been dished out to some companies and not others. Why are some exempt and others are not?

Those who have found favor by the White House and Congressional Representatives like Pelosi and Reid, have been given waivers and other benefits (i.e., General Electrict paying 7% taxes) to help businesses grow and create a monopoly.

If you have been following reports on the Internet for the past year, you know that laws have been passed that limit growth for American businesses in the U.S.  Obama has done this since he took office. Note the uneven way businesses pay taxes in the following report: Why Unemployment Numbers show 9%.

Alex Jones claims that “Obama is waging economic war on American business.” He makes sense when you consider the Master Plan is Globalization and killing off America’s exceptionalism.  The idea is to even out the playing field for poor nations so they can be on the same scale as America. Does this sound familiar? It sounds like redistribution of wealth doesn’t it?

It appears that he would rather bring down American prosperity and see people suffer and die from the cold than divert from the Master Plan of Globalization. Keep in mind that Globalization means there are no borders between nations and One World Government enforced by the United Nations. America would no longer be a mighty nation and no longer unique or blessed.

As you will see in this video, it isn’t that Obama wants to shut down coal facilities because of contamination of the air and water. He has no problem with poor nations having new coal plants and has given Brazil drilling rights for oil in our own waters (telling them America will be their best customer). On the other hand, he declines drilling applications for American oil companies.  What we are really talking about here is that he doesn’t want America and Western nations to have wealth from new coal and oil power. Can you say, “REDISTRIBUTION OF WEALTH”?

What is it going to take to get us off our duffs and fight’n mad about what is happening to America?!!!!

We have got to get Obama out of the oval office before he ruins America any more. Please help me convince people that this election is the most important election they will ever be part of!!!  As you can see, Congress has no power to stop him and no one is willing to do anything against him. It will take the people becoming familiar with the facts and stand up to him with a vote, and it will take each person getting out the word so many of us know what he is doing. Information is the best weapon in saving America from Progressivism.

Alex Jones Calls Out Obama for Treason

February 5, 2011

Fury is building over rolling nationwide blackouts triggered by the Obama administration’s deliberate agenda to block the construction of new coal-fired plants, as local energy companies struggle to meet Americans’ power demands amidst some of the coldest weather seen in decades.

Read Paul Joseph Watson’s article.

Do you realize that the end of FREE Enterprise is close at hand? What is coming next? Oh my goodness, listening to this video I just realized something really diabolical. If Obama and Globalist want us to see coal and oil as bad, and if they are trying to limit our access to our own production of energy, then is it possible that the BP Oil Spill was done on purpose? That would be the most diabolical thing this President could have done if true. He better not be found behind this deed is all I can say or he will find himself in prison for a long time.


The following report is one I found on the Internet when I was looking for backup material about Obama’s campaign against Alan Keyes for Senate. I read a message directly from Alan Keyes in 2004 that he sent out through Conservative Alert. His claim was that Obama (which likely means Obama’s people) dumped manure two feet deep on desks and computers inside the campaign office during the last two weeks of the campaign. Of course, the vandalism shut down his campaign during the most important times of the campaign. Obama doesn’t just fight dirty, he takes out the competition.

I never found proof on the Internet that Obama had done this dirty deed, but I did find this interesting article that you might find applicable today. It shows Obama hasn’t changed a thing. I am copying it straight from the site, but I suggest you use this link to read the comments and an article written about him by a newspaper women about his religious beliefs.

Columnist Says Barack Obama ‘Lied To The American People;’ Asks Publisher to Withdraw Obama’s Book

Yahoo Finance News page ^ | 8/10/04 | Andy Martin

Posted on Sun Aug 15 2004 18:21:34 GMT-0500 (Central Daylight Time) by SpinyNorman

NEW YORK, Aug. 10 /PRNewswire/ — Out2.com’s independent contrarian columnist, Andy Martin, will publish a column and hold simultaneous news conferences in New York and London on Wednesday, August 11th to disclose he believes Barack Obama is a political fraud who “lied to the American people.” Martin has asked Crown Books to stop sales of Obama’s book because of its fraudulent content. Martin says Obama may be a threat to the Jewish community.


New York: Time/date: Wednesday, August 11, 2004 11:00 A.M. Location: Northeast Corner of Fifth Avenue and 65th Street (Temple Emanu-El)

London: Time/date: Wednesday, August 11, 2004 4:00 P.M. Location: 2 Dryden Mansions, Queens Club Gardens London W14

“I feel sad having to expose Barack Obama,” says Martin, “but the man is a complete fraud. The truth is going to surprise, and disappoint, and outrage many people who were drawn to him. He has lied to the American people, and he has sought to misrepresent his own heritage.

“Obama’s life story is vastly different from the one he portrays. My point: if he will lie about his mother and father, what else is he lying about? Can we expect ‘bimbo eruptions?’

“Fiction: Obama stated in his Convention speech: ‘My father … grew up herding goats.’ The ‘goat herder’ claim has been repeated endlessly. It is a lie. Fact: Obama’s grandfather, Hussein Onyango Obama was a prominent and wealthy farmer. His son, Obama’s father, was a child of privilege, not privation. He was an outstanding student, not a herdsman.

“Fiction: Obama was given an ‘African’ name. Fact: Obama is a Muslim who has concealed his religion. I am a strong supporter of the Muslim community, and I believe Muslims have been scapegoated. Obama has a great opportunity to be forthright. Instead, he has treated his Muslim heritage as a dark secret. His grandfather was named ‘Hussein.’ That is an Arabic-Muslim, not African, name. Hussein was a devout Muslim and named his son, Barack Senior, ‘Baraka.’ Baraka is an Arabic word meaning ‘blessed.’ Baraka comes out of the Koran and Arabic, not Africa.

“Barack Senior was also a devoted Muslim, and also chose a Muslim name for his son, our own Barack Obama, Junior. Again, his name was an Arabic and Koranic.

Obama has spent a lifetime running from his family heritage and religious heritage. Would his father have given his son a Koranic name if the father was not a devout Muslim? Obama’s stepfather was also a Muslim. Obama will be the first Muslim-heritage senator; he should be proud of that fact. There is nothing to be ashamed of in any of the three great Abrahamic religions.

“Fiction: Obama Senior was a harmless student ‘immigrant’ who came to the United States only to study. Fact: Obama was part of one of the most corrupt and violent organizations in Africa: the Kenyatta regime. Obama’s father ran back to Kenya soon after the British left. It is likely Obama’s father had Mau Mau sympathies or connections, or he would not have been welcomed into the murderous inner circle of rapists, murderers, and arsonists. I believe Obama’s secret shame at his family history of rape, murder and arson is what actualizes him. Our research is not yet complete. We are seeking to examine British colonial records. Our investigation to date has drawn on information on three continents.

“And what about Obama’s beloved Kenyan brothers and sisters? None of his family was invited to Boston to share his prominence. Are his relatives being kept in the closet? Where are they? More secrecy, more prevarication.

“It is time for Barack Obama to stop presenting a fantasy to the American people. We are forgiving and many would still support him. It may well be that his concealment is meant to endanger Israel. His Muslim religion would obviously raise serious questions in many Jewish circles where Obama now enjoys support,” Martin states.

“Our investigation is continuing. In he meantime, Crown Books should stop selling Obama’s novelization of his life. We have asked Crown to do that. Obama is living a lie.”

RESOURCES: Martin’s columns at Out2.com (Govt & Politics); E-mail: andy@andymartin.com

Source: Andy Martin Worldwide Communications

Holder’s Days Are Numbered

Did you see on the National News last week that the ATF (Department of Alcohol, Tabacco, and Firearms) was caught breaking the law?

Apparently gun shop owners, who called in suspicious orders, were told by ATF to complete the sale anyway. The problem is those sales were illegal. They claimed they needed to track the weapons to see where they went. Did they go into Mexico and  to drug cartel? Were they stock-piled by some radical group?

The real truth is that ATF is in the business of  gun trafficking. By flooding the market with tons of weapons entering Mexico, they could report that 90% are coming from America. That way they can pass laws to control weapons going across the border. Doesn’t this just sound like something’s rotten in Washington? It adds one more layer to the level of corruption in the Obama administration.

NRA’s LaPierre Calls for AG Holder to Resign

Attorney General Eric Holder needs to go over an ATF sting that sold weapons to figures associated with the Mexico drug trade, says NRA Executive Vice President Wayne LaPierre. The following is Newsmax.TV’s coverage of LaPierre’s entire speech at NRA’s 140th annual meeting in Pittsburgh. Read more on Newsmax.com

This video is about 40 minutes long and well worth watching. It’s very entertaining.

What are your thoughts about this report? Do you think Holder should be responsible for this sting?

Do you see the evil plan to take away our guns? Why do they want our guns so badly? My husband said that he heard on the radio that there are enough hunters with guns in just two states to be the larges civilian army. What would happen if these people decided to take their guns and launch a revolution? And then you add other states like Texas and Montana and what do you get?

The can be only one reason for Congress and the White House to be working so hard to take away our guns, and for the United Nations being given the right to make U.S. citizens to register guns and ammo with them, and that has to be to disarm us.

Why do they want to disarm us? Well, let’s see? Could the American Revolution ever take place if they did not have weapons?

Could the Wild West be tamed without weapons?

How else were settlers going to hunt for food and protect themselves without guns?

Perhaps we have the same reasons to won guns ourselves, especially people want to bring about One World Order and dissolve the Constitution, a collapse of the dollar, and the chaos resulting from it. I see rioting in the streets and people trying to steal what we have just to eat. It could be like the Old Wild West again.

Are you willing to give up your guns? Do you think guns are the problem, is it people who have guns that are the problem, or is it government wanting to take our guns that’s the problem?

Teacher Explains Obama’s Socialism

This teacher is truly a genius!

As the late Adrian Rogers said, “you cannot multiply wealth by dividing it.” This man is truly a genius!

An economics professor at a local college made a statement that he had never failed a single student before, but had once failed an entire class.

That class had insisted that Obama’s socialism worked and that no one would be poor and no one would be rich, a great equalizer.

The professor then said, “OK, we will have an experiment in this class on Obama’s plan”.

All grades would be averaged and everyone would receive the same grade so no one would fail and no one would receive an A.

After the first test, the grades were averaged and everyone got a B.
The students who studied hard were upset and the students who studied little were happy.

I can’t say it any better than this teacher has and make the point so clearly.

You can teach a man to fish so he can feed his family for a lifetime or you can take him a fish every day. What do you think is the better idea?

Commenter 1: “Spending our way out of Debt” the motto that has run countries into the ground since the concept of money began.

Commenter 2: That’s absolutely true. In real life it’s called self-reliance. When people don’t learn how to do things for themselves they are dependent on benefactors. But when a benefactor decides to change the rules or to not give then there is a problem. For example, is it better to take a hungry man fishing and teach him how to continue feeding his family or should you make sure you take him a fish everyday? It is really easy to see which is a better plan but the gov wants to make people dependent on them. That is actually a mental illness, it’s called co-dependence. When gov deliberately makes people dependent on them they are also co-dependent. In this both parties need therapy.

Commenter 3: That is the true outcome of socialism. All teachers should teach that. In just that method.
Teacher of The Year sounds Good to me!

Commenter 4: Very brilliant teacher…He should be Obama’s advisor.

Commenter 5: Sorry, Obama doesn’t take advise. I would add a “lol” but it’s not funny anymore.

Commenter 6: And unfortunately neither have any of the other Presidents of either Party. Of course, the real problem with taking advice, is that a person has to be smart enough to know what is good advice and what is bad advice, and once again none of the Presidents since JFK have been able to pass that IQ Test. To JFK’s credit he turned down the advise of a room full of “experts” and kept the USA out of a nuclear war over the problem with Cuba and the USSR.

What do you think about this teacher and the lesson that was taught about Socialism?

If I Was On ObamaCare I’d Be Dead

This is an amazing story that I  share with you today. It is very personal but I want to share it because it is a perfect example of what it would be like under ObamaCare.

I know that, if I had been under Obama Care last week, I would have been sent home to die with blood clots in both lungs. That’s not what the doctors diagnosed at first. It took a second trip back to the hospital in an ambulance an hour later and a new doctor to tell me what was wrong. Dr. Buckner said, “I will get to the bottom of this and find out what’s wrong.”

I want you to know this story because it is a perfect example of what they’ve been screaming about as being a danger with ObamaCare and death panels.  I hope you will appreciate the seriousness of my situation and how my story may apply to you and your loved ones.

Late at night on July first, I started having chest pains and trouble breathing. This went on all night and I was afraid that I might die. I didn’t know what to do. I couldn’t afford to go to the emergency room in case it was nothing, so I guess I was waiting for it to get worse.

As Friday morning dawned on July second, I called my friend Kathy and asked her to take me to the doctor. I couldn’t take myself because I couldn’t walk without becoming breathless and vomiting from the exhaustion it took to move. She was a sweetheart! She came right over and took me to the doctor.

After x-rays, the doctor said I had a RESPIRATORY INFECTION. He gave me two shots, one for nausea and the other was a steriod for an infection. He sent me home with a prescription for an antibiotic

  • Keep in mind that three nurses could NOT get a blood pressure reading on me…finally, a fourth nurse said she got 110/70
  • There was NO fever, my temperature was 96.7
  • My pulse was good
  • I wasn’t having chest pains at the time so I said nothing about having them during the night. I was still worried that they would not see me and send me straight to the emergency room if I said anything about chest pains, a trip to the emergency room would run up a huge bill that I couldn’t afford.

The doctor sent me home with the diagnosis of having a respiratory infection. I slept all day and felt better when I woke up, but I was still feeling winded and very weak when walking.

My husband brought me dinner and then took me out that evening to watch fireworks, he thought that would make me feel better.  But after being out for about a half hour, he had to take me back home.  When I got out of the car, I took about 5 steps from the vehicle and passed out in the garage.

I vomited on the garage floor when I woke up so I  just laid there for about a half hour until I could move again. My husband was barely able to get  me into the house. I was breathing horribly all that night and vomited off and on from pure exhaustion when trying to breathe every time  I turned over in the bed or from side to side.

Finally, my husband got out of bed and said “I’m taking you to the hospital”.  He got me as far as the recliner chair in the family room and then turned around and went back to the bedroom to finish getting dressed.  As soon as I plopped down in the chair I passed out again, so my husband called an ambulance because he couldn’t get me to a car!  It was obvious that something was very wrong with me.

The EMT’s could not get a blood pressure reading or a vein to take blood. Now here is the interesting part. They kept us for 5 hrs at the hospital,where they took a chest x-ray, put me on a heart monitor, and an IV going on me because I was so dehydrated. I explained to them that I had been having chest pains and trouble breathing. Knowing all the symptoms, the doctor still said I had Bronchitis. I am sure they came to that conclusion because of breathing problems and a super high white blood cell count.

I said “What? Bronchitis? No way!”  I HAD NO FEVER, NO COUGHING, NO PHLEGM WHILE IN THE EMERGENCY ROOM, and bronchitis does not explain my passing out when I try to walk  5 to 10 steps, and it doesn’t explain why my blood pressure was super low. And yet the doctor said I have bronchitis ???  No way! The nurse told me later, upstairs after I was admitted into the hospital, that I was sent me home with a blood pressure of 70/40. Yes, that’s what I said! I guess 70/40 must be normal for bronchitis? Right!

I was home for about an hour when I got up from the sofa and headed for the restroom. I didn’t make it and passed out again in the hallway. It scared my husband to death. He slapped me on the face several times and kept saying “Jude, Jude, Jude, are you with me? Are you with me?” When I woke up, he said I was making sounds like a ceasure. Friends from the church came over and gave me a blessing. One was a retired EMT.

The EMT friend said, “I don’t like how you look.” He told my husband to call 911 and take me back to the hospital now! So my husband did as he was told, even though neither of us wanted to go back. At the hospital the new doctor said he would dig deeper and find out what was going on with me, which meant he had to do some expensive tests that would not normally be done in my situation.

The test would determine if I had a blood clot in my lungs, which he suspected was the problem but he couldn’t be sure until the next day when they could do other tests. My kidneys were too dehydrated and weak to undergo one test so they needed to wait and do that the next day. I spent a week in the hospital, under constant care.

I know, you want to know how my story applies to ObamaCare, right? Let me answer this question with the following points.

Let us assume that you are on a panel that is reviewing the services I received. Looking over my recent heath care history, you see:

  • I was in the hospital emergency room on May 31 (also a holiday weekend)  for chest pains. The doctor (the same one I saw on July 3rd) determined that chest pains were gastrointestinal so he sent me home with a prescription.
  • On Fri July 2, 2010 I had a visit to the doctor’s office for breathing and weakness. , I was diagnosed with a respiratory infection.
  • On July 3,  (same emergency room doc from May 31) I was in the emergency room for check pains and breathing problems. Subsequent diagnosis was Bronchitis.

Looking over this history, what would assume was wrong with me?

  • You might think I was looking for attention on a holiday weekend and went to the emergency room with fake chest pains.
  • You might think giving me a shot of an antibiotic would be enough since I had an infection, and then send me home; which exactly what the doctors did.
  • You might think that, perhaps, something else is going on but you can’t justify further testing.
  • Even though I had no fever at any doctor or hospital visit, you may NOT consider other expensive tests when everything points to an infection.

*My guess is that it wouldn’t matter if all the symptoms don’t fit exactly, you would treat for for an infection because my white blood cell count is so high. Common sense says it’s an infection so you would treat it with an antibiotic and think that should take care of it.

Important Questions to Ask About My Situation Was Yours Under ObamaCare:

  • If you were in my situation, would you want government getting between your health care, your  doctor’s decisions, and the type of care you receive?
  • With ObamaCare, would you want a panel looking at this same same history and then making the decision to not run more tests?
  • Would you want to be sent home to die or to stroke out?
  • Is that the kind of care you want for you or your family?

ObamaCare is a lie.

It is NOT about helping more people get health care.

It is NOT about giving more people better medical care!

It’s about Socialism and government control.

It’s about death panels, even though they keep denying it, and it is about survival of the fittest.

Do you want to know how I know this is what ObamaCare is all about?  All you have to do is look at his actions, not his words.

  • Look how he had to force the program down our throats.
  • Look how many Democrats, who were against it, came out of the President’s office as a “Yes” vote! (Can you say arm twisting and bribes?)
  • Look at who he has just  appointed as administrator over health care! And notice that he did it while Congress is out of session? Hum? No one can object to this appointment.

ObamaCare IS about EVERYTHING those who are against say it’s about. I’m sorry to say it, but if you believe otherwise, you are a fool if you can’t read the signs that are right in front of you!

Like I said, actions speak louder than words, and actions  tell the truth when words are not always truthful. Actions tell us exactly what Obama has on his mind. Why won’t you believe what you see?

You cannot allow CONGRESS’ criminal act of passing POLICY against the will of most Americans.

  • ObamaCare will kill the elderly, weak, and sick, just as nature weeds out the old, weak, and sick. Is that how you want to be treated, where only the strong survive? Isn’t that what Hitler tried to accomplish with his perfect race?
  • ObamaCare will become a battle between the strongest and healthiest people and weeding out the weak and elderly?
  • How much more evidence do you need before you see this law is evil?
  • You have to tell your representative to repeal that law and to fight it tooth and nail. It is bad for America.












Judicial Watch

Judith Sherman Interesting Information that we most likely already figured out but now we have the numbers to prove it.

Judicial Watch, the public interest group that investigates and prosecutes government corruption, today released its 2009 list of Washington’s “Ten Most Wanted Corrupt Politicians.” The list, in alphabetical order, includes:


Contact Information:
Press Office 202-646-5172, ext 305

Washington, DC

Judicial Watch, the public interest group that investigates and prosecutes government corruption, today released its 2009 list of Washington’s “Ten Most Wanted Corrupt Politicians.” The list, in alphabetical order, includes:

  1. Senator Christopher Dodd (D-CT): This marks two years in a row for Senator Dodd, who made the 2008 “Ten Most Corrupt” list for his corrupt relationship with Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac and for accepting preferential treatment and loan terms from Countrywide Financial, a scandal which still dogs him. In 2009, the scandals kept coming for the Connecticut Democrat. In 2009, Judicial Watch filed aSenate ethics complaint against Dodd for undervaluing a property he owns in Ireland on his Senate Financial Disclosure forms. Judicial Watch’s complaint forced Dodd to amend the forms. However, press reports suggest the property to this day remains undervalued. Judicial Watch also alleges in the complaint that Dodd obtained a sweetheart deal for the property in exchange for his assistance in obtaining a presidential pardon (during the Clinton administration) and other favors for a long-time friend and business associate. The false financial disclosure forms were part of the cover-up. Dodd remains the head the Senate Banking Committee.

TO READ MORE, CLICK HERE OR ON THIS LINK http://www.judicialwatch.org/news/2009/dec/judicial-watch-announces-list-washington-s-ten-most-wanted-corrupt-politicians-2009

I’m Ticked Off And Annoyed

I want to know why the Democrats always sing the same song whenever someone black is accused of some  wrong doing. What would they say if a white person said, “You only say that because I’m white”.   I don’t remember hearing anything in the past nine years from a Republican claiming racism.  Why oh why are the black Democrats so stuck on race?

I am also ticked off with the Democrats singing the same old song that it’s Bush’s fault or the Republican’s fault when something isn’t going well, like the war and the economy? A true leader doesn’t whimper and cry that it’s not my fault, it’s the fault of the person before me.  I know I’m the one in charge but it’s not me you should blame.

I am so tired of this song…and I wish someone would tell them to shut up.  I don’t understand why black Democrats have so much complaint about race when the black Republicans rarely say anything?  I am tired of it and I am tired of keeping my mouth shut about it too.

For example, in the 2000 and especially the 2004 elections, Associated Press reported time again that Republicans were obstructionist trying to keep people from voting.  Yet Democrats had thugs hanging out at the polls (to supposedly protect voters from Republicans) and they were the ones who were  really in the way of voters.

Finally, when Associated Press reported that the Democratic Party put out the word to voters that they wanted people to report or INSINUATE (didn’t matter that it was false) that blacks were prevented from voting by Republicans. Then they posted a photo from the sixties of a black man being hosed by a white man.

I wrote a letter to about 25 newspapers in my area asking them to investigate the validity of this report, and then I asked that they print the truth.  NOT ONE paper responded back to me or wrote a thing in their papers about it. I said in a letter I wrote to each editor that it is time we end the race war – only we can do that.  The only ones keeping racism alive are the politicians who are trying to use it as a tool in their election arsenal of tricks.  I begged them to not allow politicians to use the evils of the past to win an election.

Now I am the last one to say there is no racism in America.  I had a sweet woman come live with me that I barely knew before because she needed refuge from her problems.  I love that lady and we became even better friends than we were online. We live in Texas, with plenty of black people in our town. Yet, when I took her to fill out applications, I saw with my own eyes the evil of prejudiced behavior.  I was like a protective mom when I saw them do that to her. I wanted to go back to one place and ream that woman out for her treatment of my friend, but Brenda stopped me.  She said, “We need to pray for people like that.”  She was right.

I also saw black people at  the glass factory where I worked spew black power garbage from their mouths and say things like, “Someday we will rule this place and you will be the minority”.  Whose the racist here? I thought to myself, “People, you don’t know real racism when you live here in Oakland and San Leandro California.  Try going to the South and see what it is really like”.  This was the attitude of blacks where I lived at the time.

When my husband and I moved to Indiana, before living in Texas, I found people so loving and caring for each other at my job.  We had about 50/50 whites and other races, but you would never know the difference.  Nobody noticed race!  Nobody was treated differently because of race.  Black sisters would call their white co-workers “sister” too. It was a family type of environment there and I enjoyed working there.

I told my husband about this difference, since we lived in California with the opposite situation, and was confused by it.  My husband made an observation that I agree with.  He said the people who work there are educated.  I thought, “Wow, you are right. But why would that make a difference?  You tell me why it makes a difference, because I saw with my own eyes that it does.  I think maybe it has something to do with being educated; people moved away from the rhetoric they heard as a child and grew up with, but they learned for themselves that the way you treat others is the way you will be treated back.

I know, somebody is going to take exception to what I’ve just said and call me a racist for sure.  But you know what? I just don’t care. The proof is in the pudding. The ones who constantly focus on race and find every excuse to use the race card are the racial biased people, NOT ME!  It seems the ones who are guilty are usually the ones making the most noise.

What set me off on this tangent tonight was when they interviewed Al Sharpton (I think it was him) about Democrat Rangle’s crimes and asked why he is still in office.  The guy said, “He hasn’t been proven guilty yet and he will be investigated.”  The interviewer said, “But he is a Democrat and being reviewed by Democrats. ” Sharpton kept saying, “He hasn’t been proven guilty”.  The interviewer said, “But he has already admitted being guilty. Why is he still in office and not being held accountable?”  Finally, when he couldn’t come up with a better answer, Shapton said something about it being a race thing.  That’s when I had to turn off the sound for a minute.  Why, when a black man is quilty, does he have to use the race card as if he is being persecuted unfairly? I decided to put this question to you.  Do you have an answer?

I would like to know what you think.  Go ahead and say what you want to say, even if it is nasty or offensive because I have thick skin so you won’t offend me.  Be careful what you say though, because your ignorance just may show through  if you make a ridiculous statement.