Amendment Defining Marriage


The Supreme Court is hearing arguments challenging Proposition 8, a constitutional amendment in California defining marriage as a union between one man and one woman.  Use this link to sign the petition in support of traditional marriage:

CNN states: “The stakes, though, are decidedly clearer. In the case argued Tuesday and another to be heard on Wednesday, the nine justices could fundamentally alter how American law treats marriage.”

The problem most Americans have with challenging California’s ban on same-sex marriage (and same sex unions) by going to the Supreme Court is that a small group of people are trying to force their lifestyle on the majority who voted against it.  United States of America is a nation that (supposedly) is ruled by law.  Therefore, when the people of California (and in other states) voted down same sex marriage/unions, the people’s vote should stand.  Keep in mind that, before an election, an item must gather enough signatures on a petition to be put on the ballot; the outcome of the election sets the law.

Proponents of same sex marriage/unions used everything within their rights (along with violence) to get out their message to people and to motivate their supporters to vote.  When the decision was made on proposition 8, the topic should have been over and done with, but supporters of same sex marriage/unions won’t take “no” for an answer.  They believe their lifestyle should be recognized legally by the state in spite of election results.

The problem with taking California’s proposition 8 ban on same sex marriage/unions to the Supreme Court is that, if the Justices vote against California, the federal government would be negating a state’s authority on marriage.  And that is exactly the problem Justice Kennedy has with making a ruling on this matter; believing the federal government should not be intruding on a state’s authority to regulate marriage.

To the extent the swing justice [Justice Kennedy] is wary of the political implications of striking down all states’ marriage laws, then he might not want a ruling that would set the logical precedent for such a move.  …Cato Institute

It was noted in a letter from ACLJ (American Center for Law and Justice) several years ago that legitimizing same sex marriage/unions would be no different than legalizing relationships between first cousins, brothers and sisters, fathers and daughters, mothers and sons, and polygamy.

Use This Link to Watch Video on Supreme Court and Same Sex Marriage

Is the question really about procreation, equal rights, or REDEFINING MARRIAGE? Redefining Marriage is the problem most Conservatives have about courts giving same sex the right to marry and raise children.  The concern with same sex marriage/unions is that children will become confused about the role of men and women and relationships when the people they learn from are confused about these roles.  This seems to be a legitimate concern, which was discussed to a small degree in the CNN video, but it is misrepresented as a procreation issue and not a role model for what it means to be a man and what it means to be a women.

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Santorum on Marriage

When Shepherd Smith interviewed Santorum in Iowa he asked about people who love others of the same sex, he said the following:

“People are allowed to love a lot of different people and have a lot of different relationships, and we honor those relationships, but we don’t treat them as marriage because marriage is unique. It should be treated like any other group or couple of people that have strong relationships. Are they allowed to have rights and able to pass on goods and to be able to pass on housing and other type of rights? Sure, but they can contract for those things; there’s ways to do this. What we are talking about is an institution that’s vital for having children and raising children in the best possible environment.

Children have a right to a mother and a father, to their mother and their father. And when society says that that isn’t important, that that relationship isn’t as important or as significant as any other relationship, then what happens is what’s happened over the past thirty years. Thirty years ago, 71% of the people over the age of 18 in this country were married. Now it’s down to 51%; it’s dropped 5% the last year.  As a result of that, society is going to be in a much tougher shape.

Government is going to get bigger and we’re not going to have the freedoms that we have. Family is the foundation of our society and marriage is the glue that holds that family together. That’s not being against anybody, that’s being for something that’s an intrinsic good. “

I must say that I completely agree with Santorum when he said “Children have a right to a mother and a father, to their mother and their father. ”  There is a psychological and necessary reason for this, having nothing to do with whether same sex couples can be good parents, because children need role models for how to be a mom and a dad.

Children learn what a woman and a mother is from the mother or step-mother residing in a home environment. The same is true for a father or step-father who is residing in a home environment.  Not all mothers and fathers are good examples, that’s for sure, but it is the responsibility of society to help men and women be good parents. Providing an adult classes on parenting can help them be better parents. However, there are no classes that can show children how to be a good wife-mother or a husband-father. This is something they must witness on their own.

Also, children learn how a wife-mother or a husband-father should interact in a family, as well how a man treats his wife and how a wife respects him as head of the household, when it’s in a home environment. Again, this is something that cannot be taught by same sex marriages because it is unique to traditional marriage. Yes, it’s true that all marriages are not the best examples of these parental and relationship roles but a same sex marriage is never going to be capable of teaching these concepts no matter how good of a parent he or she is to the child.

There is a reason why children are born by way of a relationship between men and women. It is a model that is NOT inherent to same sex relationship–it is a substitute that tries to imitate a natural family–and has nothing to do with GOD, Religion, prejudices, or politics…it is what it is!

Trying to change what’s natural will have consequences to society and the mindset of children growing up in a family environment.  Do you really think changing political policies and teaching  young children in schools that same sex relationships are natural will change society in a positive way? You can try, but what is natural is not something you can change.

We can have relationships that we deem appropriate, even if they do not fit into the present attitudes we have of what’s normal, we can go ahead and make contracts that are legally binding to fit our relationship circumstances, we can teach  children what you feel is appropriate and live as you wish, but none of that can change what’s wrong into right or what’s unnatural to be natural.

Why can’t people people accept that they can live their lives as they wish without forcing society to change and accept the unnatural as being natural? Forcing people to accept such a relationship will not help your cause. What it will do is end up causing the opposite to happen.

It is because of your own poor relationships and lack of commitment to being good parenting that has caused the family confusion we have today. Remember this as you raise your own family. Learning to be a better spouse and parent, as well as having more commitment to making relationships work, would be the cure to the problems that plaque families today.

It’s an easy fix problems in society and families if we would help promote programs for families rather than wasting time and energy on legitimizing same sex unions. Again, I emphasize that this is about taking responsibility for your own family THAT YOU CREATED WHEN YOU HAD SEX WITH THE OPPOSITE SEX AND GAVE BIRTH. It has nothing to do with societies opinion, prejudices, religion, or government policies.

Perhaps you will think about this post and renew your commitment to your marriage and parenting roles so children can grow up in a better and healthier family environment.

Our Days Are Exciting

Life was different back then.

Life was different back then.

I realize that a lot of things are wrong in society today. There are plenty of things we can find to complain about, not to mention all the things we see  on the news that scare us to death. With that being said though, these times are really an exciting time to be alive.

I often think of what it would be like to be suddenly dropped into the society we have today from fifty or a hundred years ago. What a shock it would be, but at the same time it would be a blessing to have access to of all the opportunities and lifestyle advantages we have today.

I wonder if we recognize how blessed we are to have everyday life so easy. We have telephones, good cars that are warm and comfortable, planes that travel to different parts of the nation and around the world, computers that give us access to more information that we thought possible, satellites that show us war as it happens in real time, weather warnings to keep us safe, and access to technology beyond comprehension (even from just ten years ago).

Basically, we have wiped out polio and most childhood diseases that many children died from a half a century ago. And even though cancer is on the rise, we still have treatment that saves lives; many more than we had twenty or so years ago. More lives are being saved from early detection of cancer, heart disease, stroke, diabeties, and other life threatening diseases. I look forward to the day when aids is a curable disease and people learn to change behavior that puts them at risk .

If we take the time to think about it and notice all the things we take for granted, we might feel a lot more blessed and a lot more appreciative of the times we live in today.

I think of how harsh it was to live in the times of Christ. I think of how hard it was to live in the old wild west, and the dangers that existed when venturing away from home alone.  I even thought about what it must have been like to live in the days of Adam and Eve, when they were kicked out of the garden and had to fend for themselves.

I look at people in foreign lands who live in terrible situations; with sanitation problems and diseased water to drink, contaminated by raw sewage. I see people starving from lack of food and the inhumane way people are treated by their leaders. I see people living in fear every single day of their lives, knowing full well that when they go out today they may not return home safely to their families.

My husband and I were just talking the other day about what it must have been like to live and travel on the prairrie with severe storms or when tornados went through the area. They had no radar to show them where the storms were and how severe, no warning sirens to tell them of a tornado in the air or on the ground, and no real shelter. People who lived in tents on the plains and people traveling in covered wagons were totally exposed to the harsh weather and whatever “Mother Nature” dished out to them.

Thank God, we don’t really know what it’s like to have our children’s stomachs swollen from malnutrition and crying for food, or seeing our children lying there dying  and emaciated from no food or water. That must be a horrible thing for a parent to handle, and not being able to do anything about it had to be the worst.

I know that I feel blessed and I am very grateful for the life that we live today. Our challenge now is living with pornography and sexual diviancy and promiscuity. That challenge is hard for us, but I think it is much less of a challenge than being under the restrictions of those who suffered in the past and are suffering now in other countries.

I thank my God all the time for living in the country that I do, for the blessings of living in our times, and for the day that I have been given to do something good with my life. I hope you fell this same gratitude and find it in your prayers to thank your creator for these blessings.

May God be with you, amen.

May God be with you, amen.

Cooking With a Dutch Oven

My husband cooks with a dutch oven and he has been making some really good food too. Hot Bar BQ chicken wings, hot dogs and beans, road kill stew, potato surprise, pot roast, rolls, and desserts.

Word on Proposition 8 Protesting


They Claim That Those Who Disagree With Them Are Intolerant, But Who Is Really Being Intolerant?

Thank you for participating in these polls.

It is obvious that men and women have different plumbing, and it’s also obvious that there is a reason for that. We have been designed the way we are for a reason.

It is understood that some people do not fall into the same category of attraction as others, and that is a harsh reality to handle. However, life is life and we have to deal with it the way it is dished out to us. We all have our own cross to bear, and it’s how we bear that we will be judged by God and society.

The gay/lesbian lifestyle is against the moral fiber of most of our society. It is not bigotry that is behind the opposition, in most cases, and that is something that those who want to live that lifestyle must accept. Labeling it bigotry will not change that fact and it only causes more divisiveness among us. Trying to force people to accept that type of lifestyle will not help their cause.

One point I want to make is that sodomy used to be considered illegal before it became vogue. It was illegal because of the health risk. There is no question that practice increases the risk of contracting HIV and related diseases. It is also well established that HIV is highly contagious. COMMON SENSE QUESTIONS WHY BEHAVIOR WITH A SUCH HEALTH RISK WOULD BE CONSIDERED ACCEPTABLE AND LEGAL?

Another point to consider when it comes to marriage is that some marriages are considered illegal for a reason. For instance, first and second cousins cannot marry because of the health risk. If same same-sex couples can marry, disregarding the health risk, then that means mothers or fathers can marry their children or sisters and brothers can marry. Is it bigotry to not allow such marriages? Shouldn’t they be able to marry each other and have sex for the same reasons given by the gay/lesbian group? It is a ridiculous concept, just as marrying same-sex is a ridiculous concept. It makes no sense. It is not natural, and it is not how we were created.

That is my thoughts on the subject. What is yours? I welcome any additional comments you may want to voice on this subject. Thank you.