I don’t believe it is when you consider ID must be shown for many reasons that have nothing to do with discrimination.

Proving you are who you say you are is obviously necessary to keep the votes honest…since so many people see no problem with corrupting the voting process and the foundation of our democracy.

Please,  will you pass along this posting to your associates?


Are You Really Willing to Pay the Price?

The Demise of America


Do you have any idea (realistically) of what the price will be for standing up as a patriot against this administration’s goals and New World Order?

Do you know what price your family will pay for what you say and do ?

What makes me ask these questions is a posting I saw on Facebook today.  The post was about the Texas Nationalist Movement and how to achieve Texas independence: Tarrant County Texas Nationalist Informational Meeting.  As I started to make a post about it on Facebook, I received a lot of flack from a family member about it and here’s why.

Tell me how Texas can become independent without bringing down Obama’s wrath on everyone who signs the petition to secede?  HAS ANYONE THOUGHT ABOUT THAT QUESTION AND FOUND ANSWERS?

We are not the same U.S. we used to be.  Heck, even the Judges on the bench of the Supreme Court and…

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The Demise of America

Swollen brain

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Are you aware that a dangerous disease spread by mosquitoes is causing a great number of illness, perhaps even in your state and county.

Do you know anything about this disease, the symptoms, and the number of cases in your area?

Do you know what to do to prevent it from spreading in your county and neighborhoods?

Preventing this mosquito transferred virus is to keep water from becoming stagnant and drain standing water in your yard.  For example, I noticed an abnormal amount of baby mosquitoes hanging out around the light over the driveway. I sprayed them but they did not die.  This type of situation may be a good reason to call in a report and ask for help killing them.  It is suggested that you call authorities when you see unattended pools in yards of vacant homes as well.  

Below is…

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It’s A Win For The People

The Demise of America

You need to read the full story on WMD!

Damien Schiff, principal attorney for the Pacific Legal Foundation, represented the Sackett family without charge, had argued this case at the Supreme Court on Jan. 9th. Just two hours ago, the Supreme Court ruled in favor for an Idaho landowner.

The Environmental Protection Agency cannot make a decision that a parcel of land is protected wetlands and prohibit the owner from using it, and then refuse to hear any challenges to such decisions.

The Mike and Chantell Sackett family of Priest Lake, Idaho bought a piece of land in a residential subdivision that was about two-thirds of an acre.

They purchased the appropriate building permits and started work on their home.  And then the EPA arrived with an order for them to restore the land to its pristine condition, protect it for years and then go through a ruinously expensive application process to request…

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The Demise of America



It does not take a rocket scientist to see that our nation is in trouble. We have moved so far away from God that even our children no longer believe there is God. Now that is sad! We, as their parents and grandparents, are at fault. We have failed in teaching our children the principles that make this nation strong, and we have failed to hold fast to the standards ourselves that prove to them that there is a God and we are a nation that  believes in Him.

I was just reading comments on a past posting on from last year that was on the topic of God and Gay relationships. The bottom line is that the majority of those responding do not accept there is a God and believe those who do believe in Him are delusional. This is our youth people, the ones…

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High School Graduation Prayer Farce

Many high school graduations take place this weekend. Our grandson’s graduation was June 4th. I need to report on this graduation because I could not say amen to the opening prayer of the ceremony.

It’s a sad thing when the prayer begins with “Our Creator”, and every single reference to God or our Father in Heaven is replaced with “Creator”.

The end of the prayer was just Amen, without the words “In the name of Jesus Christ”. I looked at my granddaughter and said: “I can’t say amen to that! Our Creator?”

My husband said that I missed the point. “Look around,” he said. “Don’t you see the people that are here?”

I said, “Of course I see the people here. And yes, there were obviously Muslims. So What! Muslim believe in God and actually refer to Him as God sometimes and not just as Allah. And you know what, so do everyone else accept atheists.”

If 90% of the crowd believe in God, what’s the big deal? Yes, I know, it’s called “Politically Correct” so that nobody will be offended–just like they’ve done throughout the whole nation this year.

Well you know what? I was very offended. Don’t I matter? They can offend me and some other Christians but not others! One person can complain that they felt offended by use of the word God, Heavenly Father, Jesus Christ, or Lord but what if I complain for use of the word “Creator” in place of the true ruler of this world and the Universe?

I am not at all pleased with this situation! I WON’T apologize for believing we should be praying to our God and our Heavenly Father. If we want, we should be able to say “in the name of Jesus Christ Amen” if we want. To replace those words with a non-offending word like “Creator” ticks me off more than I can explain.

It never occurred to me that they might do something like this, I just thought there might not be a prayer. I guess I should have expected it because of the way this nation is bending over backwards to make everybody happy. Somebody needs to remind them that they can’t make all the people happy all the time so why try?

The problem is that the “Politically Correct Police” are out there making sure we offend nobody but Christians. It’s acceptable in this nation to offend Christians because rarely do they fight back or complain. I am not one who usually takes offence either but this time I was really taken back by it. I think the reason it bothered me is because they used the word “Creator” to appease others when they should have plainly left out the prayer altogether if they were worried about how a prayer would be taken.

I did not want to embarrass my grandson and family by making a case out it, so I said nothing. Now I use this post as my forum to express my disgust. I do plan to protest it later though, without leaving my name. I have to do it or I won’t be true to myself. I don’t expect anything to change but I feel I have to open my mouth and express my feelings.

Never have I thought that a prayer would offend me or expect to hear “Creator” in the place of the word God or Heavenly Father. It’s outrageous that, in America, we have to even be discussing this topic. Our nation was founded on God and His values and now we have to pretend there is not just one God?

If we visit Italy and a prayer is said at a graduation there, we expect to hear a Catholic prayer. In India or any other nation that is Muslim, we expect to hear some sort of Muslim prayer. But in America, why is it that more than 80% of the nation believe in God, we cannot have some form of Christian prayer?

Please tell me how you feel about this topic. I’m very interested in how you handle this type of situation. Thanks.

Patriotism And The Flag

Should The Flag Be Banned in Schools or Not?



Fox News Channel did a poll regarding a move to ban the American flag in our own schools so it would not inflame Hispanic students.  Amazingly, 30% think the flag should be banned in schools.
Only 65% voted to NOT ban the American flag in schools! What is going on in this country?
Read below.

The poll is being sandbagged by CASA and the SEIU, and we MUST mount a counter action. Anti-American organizations, Organizing for America , and SEIU have been twittering to go to Fox Poll and vote to ban the Flag …. and right now it is working.

SHOW THEM WHAT TRUE PATRIOTS BELIEVE!!! Let’s flip those numbers and show the leftists we are organized and on the move….flip the numbers now-FLIP THE HOUSE in November!

GO HERE NOW…and vote to keep our flag in the public schools………

It’s been about a week since I first posted this report on my social site and people have responded from that and also emails they received the numbers have improved. I just checked the poll and now 75%  DO NOT support the banning of the flag. That still leaves 25% who believe the flag should NOT WAIVE!

november vote flag public schools nbsp httpwww foxnews comopinion20100506american-flag-banne nbsp

What Do Real Patriots Have to Say About This Topic?

Response: It may be a symbol of freedom, but that same symbol has become the representation of a corrupt nation, and has lost my salute.

Response: I understand, I agree the nation is corrupt, but what the flag really stands for is sacrifice in the name of freedom. The Red, White, and Blue have specific meaning that relates to those who have died to protect freedom. That is what MUST be respected, whether we agree with the actions of government or the evils of the American people. That is NOT what the flag represents so please, show respect for those who died to give you the right to not salute the flag. You are darn lucky to be able to do that and to have all the freedoms you enjoy. Without those who sacrificed all they had, you would have NOTHING!

Response: I fly my flag every day and I will not ever be ashamed of it, nor will I take it down. Problem is we have been too quiet for too long and allowed this politically correct nonsense to take over. Progressives opened their minds so far all their brains fell out. I finally realized that we must take a stand or we will lose everything!

Response: I’ve been saying for awhile now that the left have gotten their way bec they unite with each other on their projects. Here we are as conservatives fighting among ourselves, over who is or is not a Christian, ridiculing Christians who don’t meet our standards, and breaking almost all of the ten commandments in the name of Christianity…then we have the nerve to as God to Bless America.

It’s time we do what Glenn Beck said and that is Restore Honor in ourselves, in our homes, and in our Communities, before we ever criticize the left. We just give them more power and weapons to use against us when we are not loyal to our own values. Sticking together and praising each other for our accomplishments is the best way I see to meet challenges coming from the left. What do you think?

Response: I’m not as big on the whole “flag as sacred object” thing as some people are, but banning the flag in schools is ass-backwards retarded. I’m getting pretty sick of people wanting things banned because they are offended by them.

Response: I know, we seem to be far too tolerant of things we should never even think twice about.

Response: I am so sad on this, this is not right, everyone wants to live in the USA, but they don`t want us wave our flags in school, on the what ever, this is not right, everyone wants to come and live here, and yet if we wave our flag in school, or say a prayer, or enjoy Christmas, Easter, Thanksgiving,I understand that everyone believes in what they believe, but let us also do the same, hang our flag, say a prayer, celebrate Christmas, Easter, and even Halloween, that is our right , that is the reason, everyone wants to live here cause we can. I will always have my flag waving, and I salute the men of all arms that have been able for me to wave my flag, one other thing this is America/USA, the land of free, and the flag flies for the beauty of freedom and all.

Response: You are as passionate about it as I am and as most of those who commented. I did not expect this much participation in the question. I am so happy to see people respond this way. It gives me hope that we have a lot of people who are still ready to protect America.

Response: yes, I am, I love this country and I`m so sadden by the fact that they want to ban our flag, hello , this is my country and your`s I can`t even imagine why anyone would want to do this, you know i`m going on 57, my husband is 51, and you know when we went to school, the first thing that we always did was to stand and pledge allegeance to the flag, with our hand over our heart, I so love this country as well as my husband, and we wave our flag very proudly, thanks for the comment it was awesome. glen

Response: The 30% that want it banned in schools should leave the country if they don’t honor our flag. These miserable people don’t love the US or they wouldn’t think of banning the flag anywhere. Where do people like this come from??

Response: Just the liberals running them.

Response: You’ve got that right, I’m tired of teachers teaching kids WHAT to think instead of HOW to think.

The twice as bad thing is that the Kids seem to know more of what should be than the teachers.

Of course, that depends on the subject right?

Well they know when they should be “reigned in” and are always looking for the “boundrys” and become angry when they aren’t where they should be. Beside that the “course info” doesn’t matter much.

Response: I suspect that the teachers are teaching what’s in their curriculum and what is in the history books. When I aught teens in Sunday School they told me some teachers in Texas anyway, go against the rules and teach correct principles when they get a chance. But I wonder if they think to tell they about the Founding Fathers and love of flag and country.

Response: Yes, it is liberals I’m sure of that, but what surprises me is this was a fox news poll. These are fox news viewers I think, how else would they know about it.

Response: Since I learned that our kids aren’t being taught about our forefathers in school and why they came here. There is no patriotism in our kids bec they don’t know why they should or probably don’t even know what it is. .

Response: Oh, I love this! I think they should be spayed and neutered and not allowed to breed. OR, we could round them all up and put them in a sterile environment: fill their brains with patriotism. Perhaps flash pictures of the Twin Towers burning and our flag being burned by radicals would be good. Show soldiers holding the flag and praying or maybe parents saying the pledge with their hand over their heart. I think that would work don’t you?

Response: No,the flag should be flown at all schools everyday.

Response: It was waiving when I was in school. I remember them taking the flag down at the end of the school day. Sad that kids don’t have this type of remembrance.

Response: I agree, it was for me also.

Response: Just voted, thanks. The nos are ahead 75 to 19 %. Hey everyone, go to the site and vote. I think those who voted yes are a result of being taught by members of the radical, left leaning teachers union.

Response: That ticks me off. I can’t believe people today. It’s all about FREEDOM without consequences. It’s about freedom of choice and who cares what that means. They don’t want to be forced to be patriotic or to salute the flag? They want the choice to say no? It is from poor upbringing and understanding real choices and real freedom. The problem actually begins with we parents who have not taught them better.


Please leave a comment about your feelings on banning the flag. Do you think we have a real problem with patriotism in America today? What do you suggest we do about this type of situation?