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Network Marketing has always been a profitable way to market a product because it uses word of mouth to promote a product line.  Incentives to work hard in selling products and to become a personal user is accomplished by a Distributor Marketing Plan.

Most popular Marketing Plans include three to five levels or variations of a binary plan (where a distributor works two or more direct legs as independent businesses).  Often new recruitments in the individual legs of a binary system (or variations) are placed under other distributors to build up a leg; however, the person with whom the recruit is placed under may not have had any part in the recruiting of him or her.

  • Bonuses go to the sponsor that the person is placed under with the idea that total volume will increase and so will everyone’s bonus increase.
  • This is NOT usually true when the new recruitment you brought is placed under someone above you.
  • The bonus goes up and not down.  For example, Sandy gets Connie to a meeting and tells her about the products and the marketing plan.  When Connie signs up, she is placed under Chris. The person who got $1700 checks was Chris, who did absolutely nothing in sponsoring Connie, and Sandy gets a $300 check on Connie’s volume.  This is the negative side of binary systems.

With every Network Marketing Plan I’ve seen or been a part of,  except for Amway, the upper level tiers make a bundle of money off the downline.  Many of those at the very top do not use the same Marketing Plan as the downline because they came in on the ground floor or more likely, they bought their position.  This means their profits are based on the entire business and does not stop at levels or sponsorship.

Some Marketing Plans, such as Amway, are the most profitable for a distributors when it pays on total volume (on all levels) of the business. Some plans pay a different percentage on total volume from a distributorship when it qualified at higher levels than their sponsor’s.

What separates Amway from other Marketing Plans is a distributorship that can reach the top level (i.e., $7500 total volume), break away to become it’s own business, and the sponsor will still receive a percentage of that distributorship’s total volume (even at Diamond’s level or whatever level).

I am praising Amway as being the best Marketing Plan.  I use Amway to show the differences in the old standard of Multi-Level Marketing to Network Marketing Plans used today.

Is It A Pyramid?

What makes a Marketing Plan a pyramid is the inability of downline to recruit and make the same income as upline.  In other words, they’ll never make their money back on salespeople because there’s no one left to recruit!  Their opportunity to recruit ends.

I remember when Amway was investigated around the late 1970’s for an illegal pyramid and was found “Not Guilty”.   From that investigation, I learned how to quickly spot an illegal pyramid.

When the market is saturated with new distributors who are in the same pool as others trying to recruit.  For example, those who got into a business early are at the top of the pyramid and they’ve already made their money on the hundreds of new recruits.  Yet now, all new distributors have to compete with hundreds of distributors for the same small pool of potential recruits. The odds of a new recruit making his or her money back are worse than playing roulette in Vegas (source Taylor).

Most Network Marketing Companies are reputable and have an honest record after they have been in business for several years.  However, send them packing when someone approaches you with a “ground floor opportunity” and says you can make a lot of money within a short period of time?

If you want to use and abuse your friends and associates to make money off their trust or ignorance, then you will do just that in spite of what I say. There will always be people such as these so be leery of them.  You will easily find them in the entrepreneur world so you would be wise to stay far away from them.  You will lose your own reputation by being associated with them and you may never again earn trust from those you know.

My recommendations are as follows:

  • Take your time before jumping into a new “ground floor” business.
  • Test the integrity of those upline from you.
  • Evaluate how committed top upline are in teaching and practicing sound business principles.
  • Listen to what they teach and consider if it makes sense to you or if it seems more like a bunch of hype to get you signed up quickly.
  • Realize that “group meetings” are useful in getting you around other associates, and helpful in you evaluating the upline.
  • However, keep in mind that group meetings are also useful in getting you caught up in the enthusiasm of new recruits and people who are signing up at the meeting.  These activities often get you to step in without much time to test the business and upline.
  • If they are in a hurry to get you signed up, then that should cause you to be cautious.
  • Don’t be afraid to immediately walk away when something seems wrong or too hard to believe; which means you should drive yourself to the meeting versus meeting in your home or at a group meeting so you can leave when you want.
  • Be sure to ask a lot of questions to see how the perspective sponsor and/or upline responds.

If you have questions, feel free to send me an email with your questions.



I don’t believe it is when you consider ID must be shown for many reasons that have nothing to do with discrimination.

Proving you are who you say you are is obviously necessary to keep the votes honest…since so many people see no problem with corrupting the voting process and the foundation of our democracy.

Please,  will you pass along this posting to your associates?


Are You Really Willing to Pay the Price?

The Demise of America


Do you have any idea (realistically) of what the price will be for standing up as a patriot against this administration’s goals and New World Order?

Do you know what price your family will pay for what you say and do ?

What makes me ask these questions is a posting I saw on Facebook today.  The post was about the Texas Nationalist Movement and how to achieve Texas independence: Tarrant County Texas Nationalist Informational Meeting.  As I started to make a post about it on Facebook, I received a lot of flack from a family member about it and here’s why.

Tell me how Texas can become independent without bringing down Obama’s wrath on everyone who signs the petition to secede?  HAS ANYONE THOUGHT ABOUT THAT QUESTION AND FOUND ANSWERS?

We are not the same U.S. we used to be.  Heck, even the Judges on the bench of the Supreme Court and…

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The Demise of America

Swollen brain

© 2008 Nucleus Medical Art, Inc.

Are you aware that a dangerous disease spread by mosquitoes is causing a great number of illness, perhaps even in your state and county.

Do you know anything about this disease, the symptoms, and the number of cases in your area?

Do you know what to do to prevent it from spreading in your county and neighborhoods?

Preventing this mosquito transferred virus is to keep water from becoming stagnant and drain standing water in your yard.  For example, I noticed an abnormal amount of baby mosquitoes hanging out around the light over the driveway. I sprayed them but they did not die.  This type of situation may be a good reason to call in a report and ask for help killing them.  It is suggested that you call authorities when you see unattended pools in yards of vacant homes as well.  

Below is…

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It’s A Win For The People

The Demise of America

You need to read the full story on WMD!

Damien Schiff, principal attorney for the Pacific Legal Foundation, represented the Sackett family without charge, had argued this case at the Supreme Court on Jan. 9th. Just two hours ago, the Supreme Court ruled in favor for an Idaho landowner.

The Environmental Protection Agency cannot make a decision that a parcel of land is protected wetlands and prohibit the owner from using it, and then refuse to hear any challenges to such decisions.

The Mike and Chantell Sackett family of Priest Lake, Idaho bought a piece of land in a residential subdivision that was about two-thirds of an acre.

They purchased the appropriate building permits and started work on their home.  And then the EPA arrived with an order for them to restore the land to its pristine condition, protect it for years and then go through a ruinously expensive application process to request…

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The Demise of America



It does not take a rocket scientist to see that our nation is in trouble. We have moved so far away from God that even our children no longer believe there is God. Now that is sad! We, as their parents and grandparents, are at fault. We have failed in teaching our children the principles that make this nation strong, and we have failed to hold fast to the standards ourselves that prove to them that there is a God and we are a nation that  believes in Him.

I was just reading comments on a past posting on from last year that was on the topic of God and Gay relationships. The bottom line is that the majority of those responding do not accept there is a God and believe those who do believe in Him are delusional. This is our youth people, the ones…

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High School Graduation Prayer Farce

Many high school graduations take place this weekend. Our grandson’s graduation was June 4th. I need to report on this graduation because I could not say amen to the opening prayer of the ceremony.

It’s a sad thing when the prayer begins with “Our Creator”, and every single reference to God or our Father in Heaven is replaced with “Creator”.

The end of the prayer was just Amen, without the words “In the name of Jesus Christ”. I looked at my granddaughter and said: “I can’t say amen to that! Our Creator?”

My husband said that I missed the point. “Look around,” he said. “Don’t you see the people that are here?”

I said, “Of course I see the people here. And yes, there were obviously Muslims. So What! Muslim believe in God and actually refer to Him as God sometimes and not just as Allah. And you know what, so do everyone else accept atheists.”

If 90% of the crowd believe in God, what’s the big deal? Yes, I know, it’s called “Politically Correct” so that nobody will be offended–just like they’ve done throughout the whole nation this year.

Well you know what? I was very offended. Don’t I matter? They can offend me and some other Christians but not others! One person can complain that they felt offended by use of the word God, Heavenly Father, Jesus Christ, or Lord but what if I complain for use of the word “Creator” in place of the true ruler of this world and the Universe?

I am not at all pleased with this situation! I WON’T apologize for believing we should be praying to our God and our Heavenly Father. If we want, we should be able to say “in the name of Jesus Christ Amen” if we want. To replace those words with a non-offending word like “Creator” ticks me off more than I can explain.

It never occurred to me that they might do something like this, I just thought there might not be a prayer. I guess I should have expected it because of the way this nation is bending over backwards to make everybody happy. Somebody needs to remind them that they can’t make all the people happy all the time so why try?

The problem is that the “Politically Correct Police” are out there making sure we offend nobody but Christians. It’s acceptable in this nation to offend Christians because rarely do they fight back or complain. I am not one who usually takes offence either but this time I was really taken back by it. I think the reason it bothered me is because they used the word “Creator” to appease others when they should have plainly left out the prayer altogether if they were worried about how a prayer would be taken.

I did not want to embarrass my grandson and family by making a case out it, so I said nothing. Now I use this post as my forum to express my disgust. I do plan to protest it later though, without leaving my name. I have to do it or I won’t be true to myself. I don’t expect anything to change but I feel I have to open my mouth and express my feelings.

Never have I thought that a prayer would offend me or expect to hear “Creator” in the place of the word God or Heavenly Father. It’s outrageous that, in America, we have to even be discussing this topic. Our nation was founded on God and His values and now we have to pretend there is not just one God?

If we visit Italy and a prayer is said at a graduation there, we expect to hear a Catholic prayer. In India or any other nation that is Muslim, we expect to hear some sort of Muslim prayer. But in America, why is it that more than 80% of the nation believe in God, we cannot have some form of Christian prayer?

Please tell me how you feel about this topic. I’m very interested in how you handle this type of situation. Thanks.