Join me on my social sites as well to add your support. We need to work with each other and participate as a group to have strength in numbers.

Stand Up Patriots

We must protect the fragile freedoms that contribute to our way of life. Congress and the White House don’t seem to appreciate those freedoms.

What is going on now in government would make our “Fore-Fathers” and those who died to give us our freedom, cringe and turn over in their graves! One day we will awake and discover that we live in a completely different country than we remember. And that, in fact, we are no longer living in a Democratic Republic! Instead, we live in a nation that is completely controlled by our government in every aspect of our lives.

Americans must protect the Constitution, protect our borders, and protect the Democracy so many have died to give us! We cannot allow liberal socialists to take that away from us. Isn’t that exactly what the Pilgrims left behind them in England when they ventured out to the new world?

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Moms And Grandmas United

Moms And Grandmas United

Women play an important role in influencing society. When a mom says, “I’m just a mom, what can I do?” she has no idea of the power she holds to sway society. Moreover, when people say, “Oh, you are just a mom” they obviously need enlightenment!


Rdays Network

We have a special feature that business people and others find helpful. It is Workspace Huddle for sharing files, presentations, and projects with other members in the network. Join us if you think you would be a good fit.


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