Communism An Alternative to American Free Enterprise?

If America keeps spending itself into oblivion and China keeps loaning us money to cover thedebt, what do you think will happen when China calls in her loans? China will own us! So, how do you feel about China owning America, being that it’s a communist nation?

Some Progressives want Americans to think that Communism and Socialism are better alternatives to capitalism and want America to welcome these alternative forms of government. Please read The Cold War I: Communism versus Capitalism.

During the reign of the Soviet Union, there were communist countries throughout Eastern Europe, Asia, and Africa. Communist countries in the twentieth century included Afghanistan, Albania, Angola, Benin, Bulgaria, Cambodia, Congo, Czechoslovakia, East Germany, Ethiopia, Hungary, Mongolia, Mozambique, Poland, Romania, Somalia, South Yemen, Soviet Union, and Yugoslavia.

Today, there are only five communist countries in the world: ChinaCubaLaosVietnam, and North Korea,

November 9, 1989, the Berlin Wall–the most potent symbol of the Cold War division of Europe–came down.  Earlier that day, the communist authorities of the German Democratic Republic had announced the removal of travel restrictions to democratic West Berlin. Thousands of East Germans streamed into the West, and in the course of the night, celebrants on both sides of the wall began to tear it down.

The collapse of the Berlin Wall was the culminating point of the revolutionary changes sweeping east central Europe in 1989. Throughout the Soviet bloc, reformers assumed power and ended more than 40 years of dictatorial communist rule.
The reform movement that ended communism in east central Europe began in Poland. Solidarity, an anti-communist trade union and social movement, had forced Poland’s communist government to recognize it in 1980 through a wave of strikes that gained international attention. In 1981, Poland’s communist authorities, under pressure from Moscow, declared martial law, arrested Solidarity’s leaders, and banned the democratic trade union. The ban did not bring an end to Solidarity. The movement simply went underground, and the rebellious Poles organized their own civil society, separate from the communist government and its edicts.
Additional Reading: 
Timothy Garton Ash. The Magic Lantern: The Revolution of ’89 Witnessed in Warsaw, Budapest, Berlin, and Prague (New York: Vintage Books, 1993).
Gale Stokes. The Walls Came Tumbling Down: The Collapse of Communism in Eastern Europe (New York: Oxford University Press, 1993).

Let’s look at the Communist nation’s and see if their claims of greatness are true or lies:

China Flag          CHINA: “Socrates in Shanghai: reports about China’s economic prosperity often obscure the serious problems the pace of development is creating for the world’s most populous nation. Nowhere is the distance between China’s Communist past and its hypercapitalist present more evident than in the gap between wealthy urban elites and dirt-poor villagers in the provinces.”

A Communist nation like China, claiming their system is superb, still has a huge gap between wealthy and the dirt-poor. In addition, because of HIV infections, China’s health-care system fails millions of people. This means the claim that Communism is good for the people because there are no wealthy or poor among them and that everyone’s needs are cared for by the government is an outright lie.

North Korea

North Korea Flag                     Source: CIA World Factbook, 2007    Korea, which was captured by Japan in World War II, was divided following the war into a Soviet north and American south. Despite being led by the USSR beginning in 1945, North Korea did not become a communist country until 1948.
Lately, we have heard of many abuses and inhumane treatment of North Korean people. For example, Kim Jong-il starved the people while he lived lavishly.  So much for communism taking care of the people, with no wealthy and poor. Reuters photographer Damir Sagolj was invited into North Korea to document the country’s growing hunger crisis. Perhaps you remember the report she gave on her visit, where she was shown only good things to report instead of being able to show the true conditions of the people.
 Also, in 2003, the US Committee for Human Rights in North Korea released The Hidden Gulag: Exposing North Korea’s Prison Camps. Satellite footage and testimony from defected prisoners forensically pieced together pieces of information to show North Korea’s repression.

General Lord Guthrie, the former Chief of the General Staff, has spoken to The Evening Standard on the prospect of embalming Kim Jong-il.  North Korean officials may want to think otherwise: It’s [North Korea] the most depressing place I’ve ever been in my life.

North Korea is making nuclear weapons and is helping Iran achieve their goal of obtain nuclear weapons as well. Neither nation, Iran or Korea are known for being peaceful nations toward their neighbors and the West. An example of Korea’s aggressiveness against it’s neighbors is when it fired on a South Korean Island.   Then North Korea increased the rhetoric when the USS George Washington’s weekend maneuvers, while South Korea is being hit with artillery fire, frustrated the situation more between the North and South.

Possible war by an accidental firing in North Korean waters by South Korea: North Korea raised their rhetoric that they will respond by a thousand-fold if U.S. does not leave prompting China to call for emergency meetings.  Keep in mind that this happened after an overwhelming conclusion that [a] torpedo was fired by a North Korean submarine and killed 400 South Korean seamen on the ship. Experts from the United States, Australia, the United Kingdom, and Sweden concluded that there was no other plausible explanation for the sinking of the South Korean ship.

Other Communist nations are Laos and Viet Name, neither of which has anything positive to report about the goodness of communism in these nations:

Laos officially the Lao People’s Democratic Republic, became a communist country in 1975 following a revolution that was supported by Vietnam and the Soviet Union.

 Vietnam was partitioned at a 1954 conference that followed the First Indochina War. While the partition was supposed to be temporary, North Vietnam became communist and supported by the Soviet Union while South Vietnam was democratic and supported by the United States. Following two decades of war, the two parts of Vietnam were unified and in 1976, Vietnam as a unified country became a communist country.

Communist (successor) parties in Central Europe: the varying roles that modern communist parties play in the Czech Republic and Central and Eastern Europe.(TWENTY YEARS OF DEMOCRATIC TRANSFORMATION)   (The New Presence: The Prague Journal of Central European Affairs)

On 27 June, the Czech public commemorated the 59th anniversary of the death of Dr. Milada Horakova, a pro-democratic Czech politician who was executed by the nascent Communist government on trumped up charges of conspiracy and treason. A victim of the Nazi occupation of Czechoslovakia as well, Horakova had been imprisoned during the war. Anniversaries such as this one remind Czech society (sometimes not for better but for worse) of the inroads the former paranoid regime made into society and its inhumane treatment of the non-Stalinist left . It is safe to say that while most of these anniversaries may generally pass unnoticed, a new trend is on the rise. This year Horakova’s show-trial was neither forgotten, nor overlooked, but broadcast on Czech public service television from 31 May to 9 June.

In response to this broadcast, the Czech Republic’s domestic communist party leader and the deputy chairman of the EU parliament, Vojtech Filip, gave an inappropriate speech criticizing Czech TV for broadcasting the trial just before the EU parliamentary elections. Filip opined that the broadcast would deter voters from voting for the current Czech communist party. While its battle for seats in Brussels did not end so badly, the speech and elections left a certain unpleasant aftertaste. The speech was analyzed from various angles, so much so that …

With all this history of failing Communism and only 5 nations still Communist, why would anyone think that Communism is the path that America should take? 

If Communism was so good for the people, then why did people in those nations rebel and give up their lives to be rid of this evil form of government?


Herman Cain Is In The Presidential Race

Well, Cain did it today. He threw his hat into the ring. He comes to us by popular demand. You ask people who they thought won the debate in South Carolina, and they will say Herman Cain! And, of those who had a favorite candidate before the debate, the majority will say they changed their “fav” after they heard Cain speak.

After Herman Cain appeared at CPAC, he was viciously attacked by the “Left”. They must see something in him that they fear or they would not waste their time on him.

Here are two videos of Herman Cain. The first one is Sean Hannity and Juan Williams discussing the wicked attack on Cain from Progressives and the second is Cain’s speech at CPAC, for which he was lavishly praised.

Liberals have no shame! Conservatives would never think of getting away with this type of garbage talk, but for some reason, the rules are always different when Liberals do it.

These mean-spirited people think all is fair in politics and there’s no boundary they won’t cross to get what they want–even something as discusting as this.

Watch the latest video at <a href=””></a>
Herman Cain is best known for running the God Father’s Pizza chain, has hosted a talk radio show, and had the nerve to spar with Bill Clinton over health care. So what if Cain has never held an elected office? We don’t want more Career Politicians any way, we’ve had enough of them! The tea party loves him too and he may be their favorite choice for president.

“In case you accidentally listen to a skeptic or doubting Thomas out there, just to be clear … I’m running for president of the United States, and I’m not running for second,” he said to a crowd gathering at Centennial Olympic Park today, Chants of “Herman” could be heard coming from the crowd of thousands in downtown Atlanta.

This announcement today came after months of traveling around the country to introduce himself to voters. Now let’s see if this 65-year-old business owner and talk show host can tap into the grass-roots enthusiasm and turn this campaign into a worthy foe that will give Obama a run for his money! I think he can do it! Cain’s platform is as follows:

  • He is for a strong national defence
  • He opposes abortion
  • He backs replacing the federal income tax with a national sales tax (what would the IRS so?)
  • And he favors a return to the gold standard.

Are these issues those you can support? If so, perhaps you will consider him when you cast your vote. Cain said it right when he proclaimed President Barack Obama “threw Israel under the bus because he sought to base Mideast border talks partly on the pre-1967 war lines, and criticized the Justice Department for challenging Arizona’s tough crackdown on illegal immigration…We shouldn’t be suing Arizona,” he said to cheers. “We ought to send them a prize.” [ For complete coverage of politics and policy, go to Yahoo! Politics ] Interesting facts that you may not know about Herman Cain:

  • Cain was known by the name “Hermanator” when he lost in the Georgia 2004 U.S. Senate primary, with one-quarter of the vote in a Republican three-way race.
  • His political action committee has taken in just over $16,000 this year.
  • He says he’s running “a bottoms-up, outside-the-box campaign.” He’s right!
  • Supporters likes his plain-speaking approach to the issues. People can understand him when he talks.
  • Cain was born in Memphis, Tenn., raised in Atlanta, and the son of a chauffeur and a maid.
  • He attended black Morehouse College, earned a master’s degree from Purdue University and worked as a mathematician for the Navy before he became a corporate big-shot.
  • His political views brought him attention when he argued with President Clinton over the Democrat’s health care plan at a 1994 town hall meeting. Did you see it?

    “On behalf of all of those business owners that are in a situation similar to mine,” asked Cain, “my question is, quite simply, if I’m forced to do this, what will I tell those people whose jobs I will have to eliminate?”

  • Cain was once described by the late Jack Kemp, the GOP vice presidential nominee in 1996, as having “the voice of Othello, the looks of a football player, the English of Oxfordian quality and the courage of a lion.”
  • Cain was diagnosed with liver and colon cancer in 2006 (he is cancer free now), and credits the nation’s quality health care system with keeping him alive. He says it’s one reason he’s so opposed to the health overhaul by Obama.

Cain said ‘the American dream is under attack from runaway debt, a stagnant economy, a muddled foreign policy and an influx of illegal immigrants”. He said Americans should be infuriated because the Obama administration’s $787 billion stimulus program “didn’t stimulate diddly.”

“It’s time to get real, folks. Hope and change ain’t working,” he said. “Hope and change is not a solution. Hope and change is not a job.”

This is the kind of candidate that I can vote for, can you?

Click: Who is Herman Cain?

White People Ain’t Gonna Take It No More!

I need to talk to you about something important today that is not about business dealings or politics. It is about our fellowman and protecting freedom. Some of you are not American, but this message applies to all human beings on this planet.

No matter where you live, you do know about caring for your neighbors and many of you know about God and His commandment to love each other and to each other’s keeper. That’s all I want to say until you watch the video and read my notes leading up to it.

You have got to watch this video. The man is serious about America being ruined by Obamanomics. He says the “White People aint goinna take it anymore. They’re gonna rise up.  I’m telling ya, their gonna rise up and take back their rights and I don’t blame em.  I’m gonna be right there with em if they’ll let me.” Manning, Phd

You’ll love his perspective! He is a black minister who talks to his own people. I hope you will watch it, especially if you are a black person. He makes some VERY relevant points to think about in these times.

The point I want to make before you watch this video is that we don’t have to be on opposite sides of this issue. This country is OUR COUNTRY and we are ALL CITIZENS of this great nation. Please don’t allow race to be used as a tool by politicians to divide us. This is a time when people really need to stick together.

Manning says there is going to be a revolution. I have been saying that too for five years now. I wrote it in my book back in 2005. Now the day is here when we have to make a decision on which side we are on. Are we on the Lord’s side and stand up for freedom and self-reliance, with people taking care of those in our own community who need our help, or are we going to let evil and the laziness of mankind steal from the backs of those who work hard to support this country?

If communities and churches were taking care of their own we wouldn’t have this mess now. But we do have this situation because people have turned away from their responsibility to their neighbors and have replaced it for working to satisfy our own desires and our own lavishness.

Now those precious things we hold dear are on the chopping block and will be taken from us by an out-of-control government. We did it to ourselves, but we can fix it too if we will open our eyes and take note of how we got here. Do we need a revolution that includes violence, or do we have a revolution in the way we think and act in our communities?

Although some are trying to make this a black and white issue, it is not! It is a Wake UP Call for us to start doing what we were created to do. We were created to love each other, to need each other, to take care of each other, and to care for those who have less than us.

However, and this is a HUGE however, those of you who have been lazy and expect a handout because of an attitude of dependence, it’s time to start contributing to your community as well. This is a two way street you know, and that is what makes a healthy society. When one side of the street constantly takes and does not care about those who give, then there is something wrong with the system. It’s obvious that this system is broken now, and we all can see it, so lets fix it together okay?

Use This Link For Video: Manning Predicts Revolution

In addition to this video, you may also appreciate this other posting on the same topic.

TEA Party Express

Help America develop more Informed citizens about politics, taxation, and government; and all of the other garbage that Congress and the President are trying to cram down The People’s throats!

The best weapon to fight government corruption and abuse of power is for its people to become very involved in policy making decisions that come out of Washington.

Therefore, the American People need to have a good understanding of how government functions and be informed about things that affect the Constitution and Americans Way of Life.

You may choose more than one answer or add your own.  Thank you for answering my poll. It gives me an idea of what you are thinking.

The Heritage Foundation Video

The Heritage Foundation VIDEO: What’s the recipe for real success in President Obama’s health care summit tomorrow? Start Over. Heritage’s Nina Owcharenko explains in the latest Heritage video.

Watch it on The Foundry. What do you think should come out of tomorrow’s health care summit? Stay tuned tomorrow for our coverage and analysis.

VIDEO: Want Health Care Summit Success? Start Over. | The Foundry: Conservative Policy News.

Backfire On Whitehouse To Block Fox News

What do you think about the Whitehouse attempt to keep Fox News out of the pool for interviews? The Whitehouse is fighting back with force to anyone who does not agree with them or tow the line. Don’t they know the bounds of misusing the power of the President. I can’t believe this nerve it takes to attempt this type of move. This just adds to all the other areas of over-stepping the bounds by this president.

I hope you can see what is going on here and start speaking out to let President Obama understand that we are watching and that we are not afraid to replace him and Congress if we need to. I think he thinks his crap doesn’t stink, and that my friends can be a huge problem in the future. Keep in mind that he has only been President for 10 months. What will we see in another 10 months is scary to me.

What Is The Truth

This man never ceases to amaze me!

What does Obama read? …


The name of the book Obama is reading is called The Post-American World, written by a fellow muslim.

Post-America – The world After America ???

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