Swing Votes On Healthcare

Please read this notice that I received in an email and then call Washington and tell them what you expect from them and their vote.  It may be too late for the Senate vote but the House still needs to vote.

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We don’t believe that there is any chance of stopping Obama’s renewed push for his horrible healthcare changes in the Senate. Harry Reid is going to use the reconciliation procedure to jam it through with 51 votes — and he will get them. All the hype about how difficult it will be is to distract us from the real battle which will come in the House.

There, where every member faces re-election, it will be a lot harder for Pelosi to round up the vote she needs.

Last time she passed healthcare by 220-215. This time, it won’t be so easy.

The League of American voters has produced ads targeting these swing Congressmen and we urge you STRONGLY to CLICK HERE to send them money to help fund these ads.

But please do more. If you live in any of the states from which these swing Congressmen come, please call them. Let them know your opposition to healthcare changes. The phone for Congress is 202-224-3121. Here’s the list:

Vulnerable Democratic Congressmen Who Voted FOR Obamacare The First Time Around

These are the folks we need to pressure to switch their votes!


Harry Mitchell (Phoenix suburbs)
Gabrielle Giffords (Tucson)
Ann Kirkpatrick (most of rural Arizona, NE part of state)


Jerry McNerney (Stockton and Pleasanton)


John Salazar (Pueblo)


Jim Hines (Fairfield County)


Alan Grayson (Orlando)


Bill Foster (Dixon, Batavia, and Geneseo)


Baron Hill (from Kentucky border up to Bloomington)


Mark Schauer (Branch, Calhoun, Eaton, Hillsdale, Jackson, Lenawee & Washtenaw counties)
Gary Peters (Oakland County)


Dina Titus (Las Vegas)

New Hampshire:

Carol Shea-Porter (Portsmouth, Manchester, Lakes Region)

New York:

Tim Bishop (Suffolk County)
John Hall (Northern Westchester)
Bill Owens (Plattsburgh up along Vermont border to Canada)
Mike Arcuri (Utica and south central NY)
Dan Maffei (Syracuse)

North Dakota:

Earl Pomneroy (at large)


Steven Driehaus (Cincinnati west to Indiana border)
Mary Jo Kilroy (Columbus and west to Indiana border)
Zach Space (Dover, Zanesville, Chillicothe)


Kathy Dahlkemper (Erie)
Patrick Murphy (Bucks County)
Christopher Carney (NE Penn)
Paul Kanjorski (Scranton, Wilkes-Barre)

South Carolina:

John Spratt (rural SC between Columbia and Charlotte)


Tom Perriello (Charlottesville, Bedford, Timberlake, Martinsville & Danville)

West Virginia:

Alan Mollohan (Wheeling, Morgantown)
Nick Rahall (Huntington)


Steve Kagen (Green Bay)

Let’s get busy to save healthcare in America!

Please support the League of American Voters in their efforts to stop Obama — Go Here Now.

Paid for by the League of American Voters. Contributions to the League of American Voters are not tax deductible as charitable contributions for federal income tax purposes. Contributions from individuals and corporations are permitted by law and welcome.

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Dick Morris On Obamacare Secret Plan

Dick Morris says Pelosi and Reid are Plotting A Secret Plan for Obamacare! Should we be concerned or not?

On Sunday, 24 Jan 2010 05:54 PM Dick Morris reported on NewsMax.com some very interesting information about the Health Care Plan. I will try to summerize that report for you in a few words. I strongly urge you to read the full report .

Morris says that “highly informed sources on Capitol Hill have revealed to me details of the Democratic plan to sneak Obamacare through Congress, despite collapsing public approval for healthcare “reform” and disintegrating congressional support in the wake of Republican Scott Brown’s victory in Massachusetts.”
It appears to me that the Democratic Party still does not understand that the majority of Americans DO NOT want this plan the way it is right now. Sadly, they are determined to shove it down our throats anyway because they believe they know what’s best for America and we aren’t smart enough to understand!

It was my understanding that Pelosi said she did not have the votes to pass the Health Care Plan so it was basically dead in the water. Was she just saying that so the conservatives and the TEA Party people will back off? Well, according to Morris, President Obama, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, and Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid all have agreed to the basic framework of the plan and will secretly pass it.
“Their plan is clever but can be stopped if opponents of radical healthcare reform act quickly and focus on a core group of 23 Democratic Congressman. If just a few of these 23 Democrats are “flipped” and decide to oppose the bill, the whole Obama-Pelosi-Reid stratagem falls apart. 2. Morris said he learned that top Democrats are planning to implement the Plan anyway. Senate Democrats will go to the House with a two-part deal.
  • First, the House will pass the Senate’s Obamacare bill that passed the Senate in December. The House leadership will vote on the Senate bill, and Pelosi will allow no amendments or modifications to the Senate bill.
  • How will Pelosi’s deal fly with rambunctious liberal members of her majority who don’t like the Senate bill, especially its failure to include a public option, put heavy fines on those who don’t get insurance, and offering no income tax surcharge on the “rich”?
  • That’s where the second part of the Pelosi-deal comes in.

I will not cover any more of this report, I’ll let you read it on your own. It will anger you when you see how determined the Democratic leadership is to get things passed at whatever the cost! It’s all about power and pushing forward an agenda they KNOW is against the will of the people and they just plain don’t care! What do you think about this report by Morris and how do you plan to respond to it?

Behind closed doors, Reid and Pelosi have agreed in principle that changes to the Senate bill will be made to satisfy liberal House members — but only after the Senate bill is passed and signed into law by Obama.

This deal will be secured by a pledge from Reid and the Senate’s Democratic caucus that they will make “fixes” to the Senate bill after it becomes law with Obama’s John Hancock.

It is my understanding that, without Republican Scott Brown and independent Democrats such as Joe Lieberman, Reid simply doesn’t have the 60 votes in the Senate to overcome a Republican filibuster that Politicians typically use to stop major legislation. So now I wonder how they expect this all to play out?

However, Morris answers that question. “According to my source, Reid will provide to Pelosi a letter signed by 52 Democratic senators indicating they will pass the major changes, or “fixes,” the House Democrats are demanding. Again, these fixes will be approved by the Senate only after Obama signs the Senate bill into law.” “Reid also has agreed to bypass Senate cloture and filibuster rules and claim that these modifications fall under “reconciliation” and don’t require 60 Senate votes. ”

To pass the fixes, he won’t need one Republican; he won’t even need Joe Lieberman or wavering Democrats such as Jim Webb of Virginia. His 52 pledged senators give him a simple majority to pass any changes they want, which will later be rubberstamped by Pelosi’s House and signed by Obama.

This plan, of course, is a total subversion of the legislative process.

Typically, the Senate and House pass their own unique legislation and then both bills go to a conference committee. In conference, the leadership of both Democrat-dominated houses wheels and deals and irons out differences. The final compromise bill is then sent back to the full Senate and full House for a vote and has to pass both to go to the president.

In the House, a simple majority passes the legislation. But under Senate rules, major legislation requires 60 votes to end a filibuster. As it stands, the House bill and Senate bill have major discrepancies. Reid does not have 60 votes to pass a compromise bill that would no doubt include some of the radical provisions House members have been demanding.

*****But if the House passes the exact Senate bill that passed by a 60-39 Senate vote last month, there is no need for a conference on the bill. It will go directly to the president’s desk.****

I will not cover any more of this report, I’ll let you read it on your own. I am sure that it will anger you when you see how determined the Democratic leadership is in passing this bill at whatever cost! It’s all about power and pushing forward an agenda they KNOW is against the will of the people but they just plain don’t care!

There is a lot of information in this report for you to absorb and wrap your mind around.  I cannot believe the nerve these people in Washington have to be in complete defiance of “The People” who put them there. Use this LINK to read the full report.

What do you think about this report by Morris and how do you plan to respond to it?